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legends of mystaris: the lord of blackskull keep

In the second of the popular Mystaris series a vampire has been preying on the townsfolk of Wendon. Rumour points the blame at Blackskull Keep - a dark ruin said to be the lair of many evil things. Armed with your sword and wits, dare you face the perils and dangers that await and claim the glory in defeating "The Lord of Blackskull Keep"?

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hector james

In London of 1930 Hector James, journalist and sleuth, was the star of Fleet Street. Over the course of an eventful week you must guide him in sifting through the clues and red herrings, foiling the villains, saving damsels in distress and scooping your newspaper rivals.

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legends of mystaris: the flame of illean

In this challenging fantasy adventure you have been left as an orphan outside the Adventurers' Guild in the city of Pelinor. As you grow up and train in a range of skills and abilities you become determined to make your mark on the world.

You journey far north to the remote mountain fastness of Vulkos to retrieve the legendary gemstone known as "The Flame of Illean".

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