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flame of illean picture and sound enhancements
plenty of cartoon sliding fun
intriguing brain teasers from new website

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flame of illean picture and sound enhancements

24 Dec 2003

The best selling fantasy gamebook Legends of Mystaris: The Flame of Illean is now available with enhanced graphics and sounds for handhelds running PalmOS 5.0 or later.

Here are what the reviewers have being saying about The Flame of Illean:

"I highly recommend this game! I couldn't get enough and still continue to play it."

"The writing style and eventful content in this game will hook you for hours."
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To coincide with the release of The Flame of Illean for Palm OS 5 we have upgraded the Pocket PC version as well. Many of the images have been reworked and the existing sound effects have been extended and enhanced. The Flame of Illean is also available in a desktop version for Windows 95 or later.

If you already own The Flame of Illean you can upgrade for free by downloading the latest version and installing it - that's all that is needed. It is Interactive E Books policy that all inebook upgrades are and will remain free to all our customers.


plenty of cartoon sliding fun

11 Dec 2003

We have today released a second puzzle game for you to enjoy. Sliding Oddly is another scrambled picture game, this time featuring eighteen cartoon images from the forthcoming inebook Against the Odds.


intriguing brain teasers from new website

17 Oct 2003

The publishers of inebooks have created a new specialist website: containing three popular game categories – Adventure, Puzzles and Strategy.

New titles will be progressively added to each section. Already, Adventure includes the intriguing mystery Hector James and the two highly popular titles in the Mystaris series: The Flame of Illean and The Lord of Blackskull Keep.

Strategy games are currently being developed, while the big news in Puzzles is the release of an ingenious new game called Sliding Flowers. This game presents you with a series of pictures scrambled into 9, 12, 16 or 20 equal parts. The challenge is to re-create the original image. The more pieces in the picture, the more difficult the challenge.

One square in the picture is always blank enabling you to move the pieces around. To move a piece into the blank square, simply tap it with your stylus or mouse. Initially, the blank square is in the top left corner. The game progresses until all the pieces are in the correct places and the blank square is in the bottom right segment.

To see full details – and receive advance information on new releases – it’s a good idea to bookmark


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